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‘Ornate’ (2018 Azez Records)- Click To Order

“Gentle guitar backed by surfacing synth colors of translucent texture… As the music swells on the alluring wispy filaments of the synths, scrumptiously supple harmonies invade the soundscape… When the layers of harmonics amalgamate, the shimmering surface colors coalesce into a glorious flow of sound, creating plush, lingering pools of transcendent sonic expression. A beauty so extraordinary that it seems to have a vitality of its own.”POP DUST

“A delicately-worked approach to songwriting, weaving careful melodies with an emotional honesty that’s quite affecting… simple, uncluttered, unpretentious, direct, and engaging…”WHISPERIN’ & HOLLERIN’

“A sense of earnest sincerity flows through this beautiful song, a little piano music adds some melody, but the feeling that this is from the heart is constantly apparent.”BEEHIVE CANDY


‘Starlight’ (2014 Azez Records)- Click To Order

“Scintillating and dexterous guitar playing coupled with rich and warm vocals make Terry Emm’s ‘Starlight’ the best folk offering of this week. Or perhaps, any week. All the usual boxes are ticked, but somehow, like all great artists, Emm creates something special from the ordinary. Every chord and every key has been used before but these three intimate minutes ring out clear and pure above all else. Emm’s voice is close and confiding whilst violins soar and wound metal strings snap against maple guitar necks in effortless melody. 9/10″- SHOUT 4 MUSIC


Gently (Digital download single 2012 LongMan Records)- Click To Order

“Absolutely delightful”CHRIS HAWKINS, BBC 6 MUSIC

“Not since Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ has a song’s title so accurately described itself. Beautiful, and soft, ‘Gently’ should be everyone’s favourite Christmas comfort blanket this year.” FOR FOLKS SAKE

“It’s refreshing to hear a seasonal song that has the quality and artistry as well as the spirit of the season in perfect formation…With snow, melodic hope and keys to evoke that familiar winter spirit of celebration you really should turn off the usual Christmas playlist suspects and listen to Gently instead!”SEBA RASHII CULTURE

Petals Fallen Off The Sun (Album 2012 LongMan Records)- Click To Order

“Excellent, excellent music”BOB HARRIS, BBC RADIO 2

An album full of such finely crafted songs” **** R2 MAGAZINE

“If this album were a verb, it would be reflective, in both meanings of the word, both in returning and giving back that that comes to it as well as the inner reflection of the process of examining ones soul.“- FATEA

White Butterflies (Album 2009 LongMan Records)- Click To Order.

‘Excellent debut release.. stunning…faultless production…this is the best debut album from a singer-songwriter that I have heard in a long time…’ – ***** 5/5 – MAVERICK

‘England’s new pastoral-folk prince…an accomplished & mature writer, backed by the most gentle and thoughtful of settings…a charming debut in every sense…careful, considered and invitingly pretty and spatial…luxuriously appealing… ‘– AMERICANA-UK

‘Outstanding debut…pastoral, romantic and lit musically by summer rays…this album is no routine singer- songwriter offering but some-thing totally engaging in melody and lyric…the cult starts here’-**** 4/5- MOJO

“Evokes a host of quality English songwriters… a sweet and promising debut”– ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE

Striking debut from teenage English troubadour…For a 19-year-old, Emm’s songs boast a remarkable maturity and poise… The effortless, understated craft of songs such as ‘Dove’ and the title track, suggest that if he doesn’t make it as a performer in an already over-crowded field, a career as a writer awaits.’ – UNCUT

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