La Quête Des Vents

Cool to hear that French science-adventure TV series ‘La Quête Des Vents’ that features my songs ‘Summer’ and ‘The Way You Look’ is still showing regularly on cable TV channels in Europe after 10 years! How bizarre! If anyone has seen it, let me know…!

Everyone alright out there?

Everyone alright out there?

This last year and a half or so has given me time to reflect on all the recordings I’ve done over the years, amongst other things.

I’ve selected the ones I’m most proud of for one of these ‘new fangled’ Spotify playlists so you can have ‘all the hits’ in one place…

Had forgotten about some of these…

Enjoy and give it a share why don’t you? 🙂 xxx

‘Ornate’ EP out now!

The wait is over! ‘Ornate,’ the new EP from Terry Emm, is out now on all good digital platforms including SpotifyiTunes & Amazon 

You can also listen to ‘The Leaving’ and ‘Sophia’ in full over on Terry’s official Soundcloud page

The EP has been getting great reviews:

“Gentle guitar backed by surfacing synth colors of translucent texture… As the music swells on the alluring wispy filaments of the synths, scrumptiously supple harmonies invade the soundscape… When the layers of harmonics amalgamate, the shimmering surface colors coalesce into a glorious flow of sound, creating plush, lingering pools of transcendent sonic expression. A beauty so extraordinary that it seems to have a vitality of its own.”– Pop Dust

“A delicately-worked approach to songwriting, weaving careful melodies with an emotional honesty that’s quite affecting… simple, uncluttered, unpretentious, direct, and engaging…”– Whisperin & Hollerin’

“A sense of earnest sincerity flows through this beautiful song, a little piano music adds some melody, but the feeling that this is from the heart is constantly apparent.”– Beehive Candy

ornate_19 copy