More great press for ‘Starlight’

Two more Single of The Week features…


“Scintillating and dexterous guitar playing coupled with rich and warm vocals make Terry Emm’s ‘Starlight’ the best folk offering of this week. Or perhaps, any week. All the usual boxes are ticked, but somehow, like all great artists, Emm creates something special from the ordinary. Every chord and every key has been used before but these three intimate minutes ring out clear and pure above all else. Emm’s voice is close and confiding whilst violins soar and wound metal strings snap against maple guitar necks in effortless melody. It’s raw, lucid, and the whole song far outweighs the sum of its simple parts. Fantastic. 9/10 Single of the Week”



SINGLE OF THE WEEK 2: TERRY EMM – STARLIGHT: Terry Emm releases his new single Starlight as the follow-up to his recent gentle romantic pastoral acoustic singles Gently and Loved And Never Lost, which were both critically acclaimed and received 6 music airplay. Starlight has an otherworldly jazzy folk feel with a technical Nick Drake-esque intricate finger-picked riff and a carefully constructed string arrangement by Calina De La Mare (Tindersticks, Ray Lamontagne). Again, it has a cinematic feel towards it, while Emm’s dusky vocals merely underline the earnest nature of the song. However, and crucially, it’s never overdone (either in sentiment or in use of strings) and is achinly romantic in its own way. Talking of the song’s origin Emm says: “I came up with the guitar riff whilst sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam on a friend’s down tuned guitar. Then it came back to me when I wrote some words about the passing of my nan as I thought it had a nice otherworldly, reminiscent feel much like looking back on the life of someone.”