Here’s my long end of year message…!



2013 has been a mad and very interesting year. Mostly very uplifting for me and with a lot of freedom and inspiration. I have learnt a lot in 2013. It’s had many amazing moments and many great memories have been made but also some incredible challenges and steep learning curves.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the music. Some great things have happened with it this year but I have to admit there has also been many times I’ve questioned why I am doing it and many times I’ve debated it’s worth and benefits and as to the reasons behind it and whether to continue in the music industry. I feel however that I have come to some conclusions now, just yesterday in fact, completely. There are reasons to be excited for 2014 in this respect. I can say that I have a new album completed called ‘Starlight’ (artwork above) which will be released and also there is a lot of touring planned, visiting some fantastic venues and performing alongside some great artists and I feel very optimistic. It feels great to look back at the year, at the low points and mad times and see what I’ve learnt and know that there will be a progression from it in 2014. I feel there will be a few changes afoot.

I hope to keep the magic and mystery in life whilst seeing things clearly and taking on board the new lessons I will no doubt go through and recognize and keep on top of the negative illusions that hold things back. I hope to keep pushing forward with the genuine reasons that I want to live for and finding new adventures and reasons to live. Now before I write too much sentimental stuff… I wish that you do the same and have a wicked night tonight and an amazing 2014…

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for all the news.