‘Gently’ out Monday!

‘Gently’ is out this Monday 17th Dec!

Thanks to everyone who has supported it so far, it has been really amazing!

Those of you who are into your high quality downloads can download lossless flac 24 bit 96KHz mastered versions of the single from Linn Records, here:


Or for your standard download you could head to Napster where ‘Gently’ is featured as one of their top 10 Xmas Crackers:


It is also available on Itunes and all other good retail outlets as you’d guess!


So far to my excitement the track has been aired by Gideon Coe and Chris Hawkins on BBC 6 Music, Kevin Hingley on Q Radio, Radio Cardiff, BBC Bristol and other regionals. Here’s what the press are saying:

“Not since Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ has a song’s title so accurately described itself. Beautiful, and soft, ‘Gently’ should be everyone’s favourite Christmas comfort blanket this year.”For Folks Sake

“It’s refreshing to hear a seasonal song that has the quality and artistry as well as the spirit of the season in perfect formation…With snow, melodic hope and keys to evoke that familiar winter spirit of celebration you really should turn off the usual Christmas playlist suspects and listen to Gently instead!”Seba Rashii Culture

“I’d rather hear this psychedelic whimsy on my radio than Wham’s putrid patronising old dog’s toss, I can tell you.”- Flipside Flipside


Will stop there before my head grows very large…

If you haven’t seen the video for ‘Gently’ yet created by Mark Charlton, click below:



Much love and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and an amazing new year.

 Terry x