New Single ‘Gently’ To Be Released 17th December 2012



LongMan Records will be releasing ‘Gently’ a new single by Terry Emm on 17th December 2012. Here is an excerpt from the official press release:

“Gently’ sees critically acclaimed Bedfordshire, UK based singer-songwriter Terry Emm follow up this years stark and rocky album ‘Petals Fallen Off The Sun’ with a sweet twinkling magical sound hinting at perhaps 60’s folk psychedelia.

‘The track came out of the Petals… sessions but immediately took a completely different direction’ says Emm who recently performed a session for Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2. ‘Richard Durrant who recorded and produced the track was looking after an amazing electric harpsichord, which makes up much of the tracks different sound for musician friend Howard Beach and we started experimenting with it and it just seems to have been a right place right time thing’, adds Emm.

Lyrically, Emm’s metaphorical imagery passes through imagining Christmas lights in the trees to be the real leaves and starlings ‘probing’ the ground like ‘lovers lips’, whilst his effortless intricate finger picked guitar weaves.

An animated video for ‘Gently’ created by acclaimed animator Mark Charlton (who made the ‘Petals Fallen Off The Sun’ video) is to be released online at the beginning of November.”